The Girl's Guide Makes the Ideal Holiday Gift

Take it from Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees and Wannabes, the book that inspired the movie Mean Girls:

"It's funny, irreverent, wise, thorough, and empowering. Women of any age will find this book incredibly helpful. It's like having a guru girlfriend who won't make you feel dumb for asking the questions you don't want to admit you don't know...I laughed out loud. And couldn't agree more."

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bookish, bookishMelissa Kirsch
The Bumbershoot Manifesto

Golf umbrellas are for golf courses, large expanses of green where there are three people to every thousand acres. They are not for crowded city sidewalks. Yes, they keep you dry. They also take down every collapsible Totes-carrying umbrellist in your midst.

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Other Things Lost In the Belly of the Plane

Is this the cargo hold? Like where the luggage goes after it's stickered at the ineptly-named self-check-in? Why belly? Is the plane's belly, as it sounds like, some strange peristaltic cavity where aviation bile and breaks down the fibers of moldering heaps of Bill Blass silk shantung suits with jaunty self-bows at the waist? Every time Palin mentions the belly of the plane, I get grossed out and confused.

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