My Secret Library No Longer Secret

Hey check it out. My new column at KGB Bar Lit, My Secret Library, is published at long last, looking quite fetching and extolling the virtues of the super-mod, as we should all do as an essential part of our daily ablutions.

NB: I would have put this under *News* on the homepage, but let it be known that I am on a PC for the week (poor, barely-breathing iBaby's getting her guts torn out, god please let the child survive the surgery) and I am unsure how to make many changes. What I would like to know is, who are you PC people and how do you do it? What is this unfriendly XP universe into which I have slipped? You're so unfriendly, so obsessed with viruses, so black-keyboarded. A hex on the "Start" menu and right-clicking! What fresh hell is this?