In Which I Go Off the Deep End in My Spare Time

I have a very serious question for you. I need you to listen closely and then answer me from that very honest place, the tiny corner of your soul from which issue the promptings of your truest self.

If a person creates a "Listmania!" list on Amazon, has she lost every single on of her marbles, or just, like, three?

I don't understand Listmania!. I mean, I like those lists people make, and sometimes find them slightly useful -- no, scratch that -- I find them slightly diverting. But the public service that people are providing, and the free advertising for Amazon all seems like people with too much time on their hands. Or people working in offices who have lost significant numbers of marbles due to overhead light, Aeron-chair-ass and repetitive stress injury from right-clicking.

Yesterday I created an Amazon Listmania! List. Part of the impulse was to have my book on a List, even if it was a List I created. But that was just part. Another part of me thought of it as a civic duty. Like voting. Or jury duty. For which I have inexplicably been subpoenaed.

Who have I become? Last Minute Gifts That No One Doesn't Love A Listmania! List by Melissa Kirsch

Please give me some "helpful" votes. They will bolster my will. I might even venture into the "So You'd Like To..." List category.

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(Filed under "Health and Body Image" because of obvious mental health implications.)