Finally, Some Actual Hope

Some_hopeMothers_milkI'm obsessed with English novelist Edward St. Aubyn. I happened upon his trilogy, Some Hope, last year and delighted to every blessed, impeccably constructed line. When a sequel came out in January, I put my name on the list at the library and waited waited waited until last week when my ship finally came in and I got my mitts on the positively divine Mother's Milk. Savoring the final pages, I realized through a rudimentary Google search that St. Aubyn has two other novels that are not available in the US and through a lot of wheeling and dealing, I have managed to get them shipped here used for not too many a pence.

I think I first heard about him in an essay that Francine Prose wrote about her own obsession with him, how she and her husband were foisting his books on their friends, begging everyone they knew to read him. I think a fiction recommendation from Francine Prose would probably be hard to pass up. I'm not going to foist E. St.A's books on you (I can barely find them anywhere) but Some Hope and Mother's Milk are available here from Open City Books. (My passion for Eddie makes me interested in the rest of Open City's library. I've never been a reader of their journal, but the fact that an independent press is publishing such a phenomenally talented (and famous) British author makes me think this is one independent press with my best interests in mind.) You can perhaps borrow my copies of On the Edge and A Clue to the Exit when I'm done. Maybe.

PS Did I mention you should run out and get Some Hope right now? Because you really, really need to. Get back to me. Thank me later (preferably with a cash reward).