Doctor Neglect and the Dam Just Breaks

If you have health insurance, which I sincerely hope you do (and if you don't, I sincerely order you to explore the cheapest options), go to the doctor. It's easy, as we know, to let things go to crap when you're super-busy--things like tidying up, picking up your (still at the cleaners!) laundry, returning emails. Taken together, these neglected tiny things make you feel like your life is just slightly out of control, that the checklist items are not only going unchecked-off, there is no checklist.

Yesterday I started to get a tickle in my throat. And I thought "Perhaps I should see my doctor before I get whatever tedious germ is 'going around'". Then I realized, perhaps I should see the five or so doctors I pay health insurance premiums every month for the privilege of seeing. What the hell? I have been suffering away with an ingrown toenail, a future bunion, teeth-growing-moss, a weird back thing, and a host of other woes. I made four doctors' appointments and one dentist appointment.

My apartment is still a mess. I might not wash my hair today. I have no clean clothes. But I feel measurably more in control, and less like I'm going to start falling apart, limb from limb.

Call your PCP/therapist/colorectal surgeon/podiatrist/allergist/[fill in the specialty] right now. Enough of not having time or being scared that the dentist is going to yell at you for not flossing. Go, go, go.