Sunday Matinee

Every Sunday, an image or a movie. This week: Girls Guitar Club, my latest obsession. Featuring the best actress on TV, Mary Lynn Rajskub, aka Chloe from 24. I never ever in a million years thought I'd say that Chloe is the most complex, interesting, dynamic female character on television -- when she first came on the scene I found her annoying but she just keeps getting more amazing and hilarious and quirky and perfect.

There's a completely hilarious moment from I think Season 4 when Buchanan says "Chloe, we're in an active code. We don't have time for your personality disorder." And Mary Lynn does her trademark furrowed brow/disgruntled yelp. I love her and it and I love Girls Guitar Club. Don't miss the cameo by Dave Allen, the guidance counselor from Freaks & Geeks.

"What's going on in my life right now? I will incorporate it into my music..."