Notes on Jogging on a 70-Degree Day in January

Oh my bunion and blistered feet, what have you beheld today?

1. Everyone's on the same page: 70 degrees in January means let's run by the river! I felt slow. 2. I was slow. 3. Eating late at night can make you run slowly. 4. A sudden change in 20 degrees can make you feel like you're overheating and make you run slowly. 5. New sneakers can make you run slowly and also give you blisters and make your calves hurt. 6. There's an adorable twentysomething boy sitting on a bench by the river playing ukulele! 7. There is an adorable thirtysomething couple sitting at a table by the river playing Connect Four! 8. There is a creepy old man sitting on the side of the track smoking a cigar leering at the girls! 9. Oh, hey, I think a piece of glass did wedge in my foot when I broke that champagne flute! Now I feel it! 10. New Year's resolution: try to run faster.

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