Less Clicking, More Living

For the good of the girl, she is going on an Internet diet. Not a fast, mind you, but a severely limited Internet allowance per day. While totally necessary, being online all the time is, I believe, slowly abrading my soul. It contributes to many of my vices: procrastination, obsession with trivial topics, weak correspondence better endeavored in person/via phone, anxiety over unanswered emails/attempts to empty inbox in order to feel virtuous and in control, etc. etc.

So I'm going on a twice a day Internet schedule. The blog will be updated. The necessary sites will be checked. The days will be restructured. Face-to-face contact will be increased. Grammarless blather will be reduced. Laundry will get done. Deadlines will be met. Order will be restored in the world.

I'll let you know how it goes. Has anyone else ever experimented with an Internet Cleanse?