The Roof Is On Fire: An Update

My wise friend Peter H. advised me recently that the way you structure your morning is crucial to how good a day you are going to have. More to the point, he instructed me to "flee the house like it's on fire" in the morning in order to get the day started productively.

Peter is familiar with my little problem as well as my coffee ritual, which is ritualistic only insofar as I make a pot of coffee as soon as I wake up, spend most of the morning drinking it while answering emails and lollygagging about on the Web with the vague plan to go running as soon as I've finished my first cup and frequently, well, you know what comes on at 11am, and my day doesn't productively begin until noon. Which is just plain awful. When your work day starts at the same time as "Guiding Light," you've got to admit you have a problem.

I've tried to limit my Internet usage in order to have more interaction with live human beings, and I'm here to report that it's been a total failure. Like someone on a diet who raids the fridge when everyone's asleep, I came home at around 1 the other night and was moved to update my tour schedule, which I did -- and then read (Sabbath's Theater, tremendous) until 5am. The construction starts at 7. The world came crashing in on me. The Internet diet is a total bust.

So the sun is shining and Brian isn't on yet so it might be a good time to go run, to flee the house like it's on fire. I know this and yet, and yet.