Sunday Matinee

Every Sunday, an image or a movie. This week: Sufjan Stevens performing "Chicago," not actually because it's Super Bowl Sunday (Seven-Layer Dip!) and the Bears are playing, but more importantly because I'm leaving today for a week there. And I love this song. I plan to listen to Illinoise on my iPod for the whole plane ride and maybe throw in a little of the band Chicago while I'm there, just in case the 2 degree temperatures haven't frozen my brain sufficiently.

*Hey, if you're living in Chi-Town, come meet me on Tuesday, February 6 at the DePaul University Bookstore at 12pm and at the University of Chicago Bookstore at 3:30pm. I'll answer any question you have about absolutely anything. If I don't know the answer, I'll phone a friend. Then I'll poll the audience. Or should I poll the audience first? Phone-a-friend is the best lifeline, I think you save that for last. I may or may not win one million dollars.

Also, due to Super Bowl coverage, I'll only be on the Fox Morning News Wednesday through Friday (around 8am), so there's more room for you to TiVo the Lost premiere (which I get to watch at the old time, since it's on at 9pm Central, which somehow makes me feel special).

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