Chicago: Where I Am a TV Star


Or, rather, I am on TV for about a millsecond at 7:45am but it was actually quite fun! So the whole world is obsessed by this astronaut story, but I had the time of my life talking for three minutes about women and money. Perhaps too good a time, but I think it's the contrast between yesterday and today that has me terribly pleased with myself. I've been dying to talk about the book, about all the knowledge I've accrued, to actually connect. I also found a juice bar and a raw nut store so I can stop eating strange hotel food. And it's only 9am.

Yesterday, anticipation-during-a-blizzard:

uchicago window

Today, much sunnier:


PS My favorite thing about yesterday was the Frank Lloyd Wright window elevator doors at DePaul. They looked much cooler in than my snapshot.

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