Too Much In One Day

Eeek! Readership! Fanbase! Friends, Romans, Countrymen! Forgive me! I've gone to the dark side and am trying to get back to you!

The day that was included:

  • minor surgery of a rather painful sort
  • getting locked out of my apartment due to some kind of continental drift that caused my door to shift and me to overuse & misuse the words "cylinder" and "hasp" when discussing repair of my lock.
  • a day spent running as many errands as possible, ending up in the Barnes & Noble due to its light, heat and free bathroom
  • having the door and lock totally deconstructed and reconstructed only to learn that the lock can't be replaced until tomorrow.
  • I'm at sixes and sevens, my friends. Regular posting resumes tomorrow. Sit tight and enjoy Lost.

    Oh! And if you've been trying to email me and the mail bounced back, please resend. I've fixed the problem and should be dwelling in this century from this moment forward. Except when I play make-believe PBS' Frontier House and wear a pinafore and churn butter. Otherwise, I'm here.

    Tour, TourMelissa Kirsch