Craftastic Getaway

craft night

I'd just come back from my voyage to the Birthplace of Independence when Peter H. called and reminded me that we'd planned to escape to the country for the weekend. Contrary to my typical impulses following a period of intense activity and travel, which would dictate I rest, run, clean, reassimilate to the city, I hopped in the car and went to snowy country where there are big rooms and bathtubs large enough to stretch your legs in. As often happens these days, we pursued intense craft projects deep into the night. Cusi has introduced us to the Arts of Procraftination, which has evolved into a bit of a modern-day Bloomsbury (or so we like to fancy ourselves). Peter O. and Cusi's hilarious friend Marcia joined us one night, and even these two inveterate non-crafters set to work painting and decoupaging and covering canvases in images and words like it was their job. It was heaven.

I had no phone or Internet in the country, which was a blessing. I've tried going on technology fasts before, unsuccessfully. But in this case, I had no choice and believe my quality of life was much improved by my ignorance of Britney Spears' head-shaving. The only thing that happened was my email box somehow filled up, which should not happen in this century, but evidently not being on email for four days should also not happen in this century, so I deserved it?

I've been meaning to mention something that pisses me off to no end. Did you see this RIDICULOUS, insulting new product?

camel grossness for women

It's the new ladies' cigarette! We've come a long way, baby! To fuchsia and teal and a cigarette targeted at women (Wine cooler with your Light & Luscious, baby?) because there just aren't enough women smoking Camels! How could anyone not be repulsed by such infantile, obnoxious, public-health-violating marketing? Never mind the fact that lung cancer is the number one cause of cancer death in women, surpassing breast cancer. Let's see if we can snare a few girlies into our net who felt that Camels were too manly before now that we've packaged them in the hues of a hospital waiting room! Smart thinking, RJ Reynolds!

While we're on the subject of dumb (but not deadly -- at least yet) marketing, I've recently begun a folie á deux with Splenda. Things are going well, but I can't really get over the little Celestial Seasonings-style aphorism on the side of each packet that say things like "To err is human, to sprinkle divine" and "Get ready for love at first sprinkle." These aren't even puns. They're not even smart. Splenda seems like a semi-smart product (chlorinated sugar!), but that's just unsatisfying packaging.