“Oh, baby, are we perfectible.”

An article about women's advice books ran recently in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. The reporter picks three books worth your time (phew!) and runs down the ones that aren't. I like this article because it hightlights three things about the world today that I totally agree with.

1. There is a ton of advice for women out there. Way more than any one woman could possibly read. How do we separate the wheat from the chaff?

2. New Yorkers think there's no world outside New York, or that the rest of the world is just like New York, and this is not true. There are no decent bagels outside of New York. People tip differently. People eat carbs (ostensibly, in the form of an English muffin). If the recent presidential elections haven't given urbanites a good enough glimpse of the rest of the country, it's time we started looking.

3. Advice from celebrities or people who live like celebrities or that's targeted to women who are dying to be celebrities is mostly useless. Because we are not celebrities. Even though it is devastatingly unfair that I am not being treated to millions of dollars of specialty spa treatments at the Hollywood Soho House in preparation for my Oscar win.

Of course, if the reporter hadn't liked my book, I'd probably be stomping my foot and insisting on the necessity of the rest of the country to learn how to craft a decent bagel already. (PS Before you start hating on me, my favorite bagel in the world is still from Bodo's in Charlottesville. Sorry, H&H.)

Tour, TourMelissa Kirsch