Suze Orman Both Fascinates & Terrifies Me

What the hell has been going on with this site? I know, it was down for most of the day yesterday, which prevented me from posting, prevented you from reading...I am not going to make any radical assertions, but it is indeed possible that is somehow connected to the stock market.

I started to write a rambly but ultimately entertaining explanation to what's going on with the stock market in case anyone was confused, but I started to bore myself and decided to just sum it up like this:

The economy's been good for a few years, stock market doing well, everyone's buying stock thinking things are super. Some people who would never buy stock are buying it because hey, maybe they could make some cash. Then there's a sell-off in China. Then the Taliban tries to bomb Dick Cheney to death. Then people remember that the economy operates in a cycle, and we haven't had a recession in a while. So they freak out, sell off their stocks, and the value of the market (or the Dow, which is an index -- a group of reliable stocks that people look at to see snapshot of how the entire market is doing -- plummets. People lose a lot of money. They freak out even more. Traders hold their heads in their hands a lot.


That's my Cliffs Notes version. I urge you to check out Chapter 3, the finance chapter, of the Girl's Guide, aka The Chapter Everyone Likes to Skip Because They Are Scared I'm Going to Make Them Water Down the Orange Juice and Stop Buying Frederic Fekkai Shampoo, because there's a pretty fun explanation of how the stock market works ("Stocks, Bonds & Splits: The S&M of Investing") that will not bore you to death. It didn't even bore me to death, and I wrote it.

PS: Suze Orman was on The View this morning and she's smart but has this very, very intense way about her that makes me totally terrified. I think its her inflections.

NB: There is no sadder way to begin your day than with spoiled milk in your coffee that you secretly drink anyway.

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