The Totally Fascinating Minutiae of an Actor in LA: A Recommendation

I don't read that many blogs, because you know, life's too short, I've got my own life to blog about, blah blah blah. But I'm here to say life is short and if you have some time after reading my blog, you must must must read the blog of my friend, the super-talented, hilarious actress/comedian Jean Villepique.

jean villepique

That's Jean there on the right in last week's episode of The Office. She was just the right amount of funny and normal, which is what The Office is and why everyone (I mean, I) love(s) it so much. Anyway, I adore Jean to the point where I get sort of stammering every time I see her because I admire her so much.

I first met her when she first came to NYC from Chicago and came to a wine-soaked focus group for my book held in my friend Melanie's garden last year. The topic was "Women & Spirituality." There are some choice quotes from Jean about her spiritual life in the book, and now I think maybe the first time I met her, oh maybe it was the second but also had to do with my book. I was at Melanie's interviewing her about long-term romance and Jean joined in and oh my goodness, it was that night that we three came up with "The Women's Sexual Bill of Rights" which is sort of the centerpiece of the dating/sex chapter in the book. I recall when we were trying to come up with stuff that women were entitled to in the bedroom, Jean offered, "a tongue bath." See, she's just so funny you want to pee your chair.

Anyway, she's in LA now, which sucks for her New York friends/fans, but she's been having a ton of success, appearing on The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm and chronicling it all on her totally entertaining and inspiring blog. It's that insider look at a newcomer in Hollywood that you always wish someone would write. Which is why I insist you go now and read it from the beginning. The best thing about it is how grateful Jean is for all her much-earned success, which reminds me to be grateful, too.

I just read that she's coming to NYC this weekend (Yay! Happy Birthday Melanie!) so you might be able to catch her at the Magnet Theater if you're in New York, and I promise you won't be disappointed.

Hi, Jean! You go get 'em!

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