Guess Who’s Taking a Sauna on the Plane?

Tomorrow I leave for the next leg of the Girl's Guide tour, flying once again on American Airlines. I don't mind telling you that I plan on using the first-class loo at least ten times on my four-hour flight to Denver. And availing myself of all toothpaste, mouthwash, fancy hand soap, jacuzzis and plush towels I can unearth.

PS Denver/Phoenix, come see me, fresh from my first-class lavatory jamboree.

Let the people go: Potty parity comes to American Airlines [Seattle Times]

Correction: Okay, scratch that, I'm flying United. Where I think I'm also allowed in first class, however, so rest assured that I will still be hanging out with the upper crust and stinking up steerage with my lavishly perfumed hands.

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