Denver: Warmer Than Where You Are

I can't tell you how superior I feel to hear Meredith and her strange Matt Substitute on the Today Show telling me it's 14 degrees frigid in NYC, while I bask in all 60 degrees of sunny Denver, en route to even sunnier (80!!!) Phoenix. Since my previous forays onto "The Road" have all involved blizzards, hail, and record-setting low temperatures, I feel entitled to this tiny bit of glee.

My voyage began at LaGuardia. I'm here to report there is not much new at ol' LGA as we call it in the frequent flyer clubs. There is, however, a lovely nod to the Rockies outside the Discovery Channel store in the shopping concourse.


A brief flight update: United does not allow coach class passengers in its first class lavatories, so I was not able to overuse the expensive toiletries as planned. I have two other small complaints about the flight. 1. Don't charge me $5 for your "snack box" when I'm on a 4-hour flight. I think I deserve a little gross meal. Like little chicken rondelets in unidentifiable sauce and a freezing cold roll. 2. Happy Feet is not a good choice for an in-flight movie. Only about two of the passengers were part of the intended audience this animated penguin flick, and they were both shrieking the entire flight, probably because they were hungry. (I know, it was nominated for an Oscar, I was hoping to see Babel.) Oh one more thing: I got into a little armrest struggle with the guy next to me, who was highlighting a course packet for four hours. I finally gave in, because he was in the middle seat and I had my very own armrest to nestle against.

So I'm here to say I love Denver. I love it because I knew next to nothing about it, except that we passed through on skiing adventures as a child. But I'd never seen what a pretty, clean, accessible, friendly city it is. (I am considering a career with the Denver Chamber of Commerce. How am I doing?) In Denver, they love to remind you you're in the Mile-High City. There's Mile-High Coffee, the Mile-High United Way, the Mile-High Harmonica Club (I am not kidding). The local magazine is called 5280, The Mile-High Magazine. 5280 is Denver's elevation. They are not joking around about elevation in the Mile-High City.

Nor are they joking about their public art. I took advantage of the mile-high situation to nearly give myself the bends while running, then took a stroll through LoDo, the very Art Deco pretty pretty historic district where my hotel is, and I'm here to say there is a lot of very fun art to be found in this city.

A herd of buffalo (?) by night.

Buffalo by day.

Nearly as lifelike as his brother at LaGuardia.

This very gigantic sculpture of people waltzing that I couldn't really get from the car.

Bye, waltzers.

New Daniel Libeskind-designed addition to the Denver Art Museum that is much more amazing in real life.

There are more tales to tell from the Mile-High City (I swear I will tell you about the magician), but I must off to the airport. Next stop: Phoenix. Stay very tuned.

Tour, TourMelissa Kirsch