Everyone Agrees With Me (Except a Few Generals)

Graduation_1The NY Times has been ablaze with articles about graduation, commencement speeches, student loan debt, employers doing due diligence on recent grads on MySpace and general advice for the newly mortarboarded. Herein, a round-up because it makes for some good reading. I don't mind saying that I cover nearly all of this in my book. With far more hilarity.

That said, all of these articles are totally worth checking out, whether you're a recent grad or not.

Advice to All You Graduates: Let's Start With That Daily Latte... [6.10.06]

Graduates Get an Earful, From Left, Right and Center [6.11.06]
For Some, Online Persona Undermines a Résumé [6.11.06]
Forgive Us Our Student Debts [6.11.06]