It appears that I have acquired a zit in my ear. This, along with a strange throat tickle and the inexplicable need for up to 11 hours of sleep a night leads me to believe I may be suffering from exhaustion.

I am thinking I need a month or two in a very fancy Lindsay Lohan-style facility in Malibu to recover. Ear zit! How infrequent and not fun. I blame it on my in-ear earphones.

Tonight I'm appearing in the Jill Anderson "Idolls" Show. Jill is one of my favorite designers (well, probably the only "designer" that I wear with any regularlity). This, I gather, is her version of American Idol, except I won't be singing. Or competing. I'm wearing her "Italian Widow's Dress," of which I can't find a photo, but here I am at my book launch party wearing another of her gorgeous creations. She is not responsible for my hair, which is doing a few bad things here:

Tour, TourMelissa Kirsch