Meany McHates-Me-Pants Speaks

Rachel_weisz_2Okay, exhale: I have news regarding my eyebrows and the cruelty of the aesthetician previously known as Meany Mc-Hates-Me-Pants who Chickarina readers will remember from a long ago post of approximately a week ago. My darling JB, who started me going to Meany in the first place, recently took her to task for her behavior. What follows is JB's update of her recent visit and confrontation:

Meany McHates-You-Pants mentioned you to me!! She said, "You know who I've seen lately a lot is Melissa!" I said, "Oh yeah, she said you were a little mean to her?" She said:

"Yes I was because I was so angry: she has these beeeeaaauuuuuutiful eyebrows, an arch women would kill for, and she screwed it up--they were butchered!"

She went on and on about how mad she was at the person who butchered your beautiful brows, and I told her she shouldn't be so harsh because you are sensitive and you took it personally and you are my friend and she said, "Oh it wasn't like that!"

Believe me, millions of Chickarina readers, so many I can't count: It was like that.

But thank god for good friends, right?