Minneapolis: Overheard Backstage at a Local Morning News Show

A doctor about to be interviewed about snoring is going over the script for the show:

"Question #1: 'So, what is sleep apnea?' Now that's a loaded question!"

What on earth could be loaded about that question, I wondered.

This morning, a woman delivered coffee to my hotel room. I must have been asleep when I opened the door because I thought it was perfectly appropriate to tell her my dream. "I dreamed I couldn't turn the light on," I told her. "Then I turned the light on and got up." She took it in stride: "Well, I dreamed I was cleaning toilets."

"What a waste of a dream!" I exclaimed. She said, "I know, then I had to come into work."

Once I dreamed I had about 12 copies of the Jane Kenyon book Otherwise, each with a different cover. That was the first time I woke up and thought, "What a waste of a dream."

Today I was on two morning news shows, then I signed books at lovely Augsburg College, where the students are bright and you get the sense they are very happy. A very cool guy who saw me on one of the TV shows came and told me he wanted to write the exact book I did (but not just for girls) and that he totally agrees about my deep desire that there be a required course in personal finance for all college students -- but he thinks it should be in high school. I think so too. It feels good to have people see you on TV then come to your "appearance." It feels like Publicity in Action: It Works!

Minneapolis is a very pretty town. I'm trying to decide if I am going to go visit the Mary Tyler Moore statue today or save it for tomorrow. I told my (once again wonderful) escort, Leslie, about my love for Mary and my desire to visit Minneapolis so I could see where she lived, and then later found myself telling her that I was going to have an extra day in Seattle, maybe I would rent a car and go see the town where Twin Peaks was filmed.

When you don't know someone, you could assume they are totally bananas based on a few things they say. You could assume they are the type of person who travels to cities and instead of going to the art museum or the fish market, goes to visit landmarks commemorating cancelled TV shows.

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