Minneapolis: Snow

Breaking News: I woke up this morning to a Minnesota blizzard. Heavy D fixed the blog last night so I can post again, but I carelessly forgot the cable for my camera so I could document a minute-by-minute accumulation of "wintry mix" destined to throw a wrench into the works. The works, of course, is my flight to Seattle.

Tiny flakes but it's sticking. I'm going to brave the elements to walk 10 yards from the hotel to the Starbucks. Because hotel coffee isn't working out lately.

Every city has its Miracle Mile. Or is it Magnificent Mile? I went to Minneapolis' yesterday. There's a gigantic Target there. This is Target Town. Target's based here. As a New Yorker for whom Target is the Emerald City, the place where toilet paper is under a dollar a roll and the housewares are chic and affordable, unlike anywhere else on earth, I feel quite at home in a city that loves its Target. Make that Targets. Like on every corner.

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