Seattle: Already Amazing

Because it's not snowing. And it's also warm and sunny -- 65 degrees! I slipped out of Minnesota in a blizzard and ended up in the sunny mountains. My flight was, however, continuing on to Hawaii. They couldn't stop telling me that on the PA system. Usually the flight is continuing on to Cleveland or Las Vegas and you think "I'm so glad I'm getting off the flight here" but the couple next to me on the plane were already all "Mahalo!" and wearing flip-flops and hanging loose and stretching out like our coach seats were chaise longues. Well, at least "Lost" is on tonight.

Also, on the plane two things of note: 1. The flight attendant, trying to pass a guy in the aisle before takeoff, said "Back up, Sweater Guy." The guy was wearing a sweater, as were most people on the plane. It's an inoffensive clothing item. If he had, however, been wearing, say, a muscle shirt, and the flight attendant had said "Back up, Tank Top Guy," that would have been mean. I don't know what the larger meaning is in this. I just thought you should know.

2. The male half of the Hawaii couple was on his cell phone until the second we took off. He was fairly yelling: "This is very serious! This is CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION!! If this gets out, we're all screwed! This is highly sensitive business!" Yelling this, on a plane packed with people going to Seattle (mildly lucky) and people going to The Big Island (very, very lucky. also jerks).

I need to also just put it out there that Minneapolis has the nicest airport I've seen. It's really the kind of airport where you think "If I had to be stuck in an airport because I was stranded in a snowstorm, I would enjoy it here." You don't notice that it's different until you start looking at the details.

1. iPod vending machine. I've seen a lot of airports recently, but I haven't seen any with iPod vending machines. They're selling all varieties of iPods, cases, speakers, noise-cancelling headphones, etc. Now, that's a fun and slightly luxurious impulse buy.

2. Proactiv vending machine. You know, the face wash from the infomercial. That I actually sometimes use. If you forgot your scrub or your toner or your (very good for overnight zit care) clay mask, you can get that and many other Proactiv products out of a de-luxe vending machine.

3. An organic bakery with vegetarian options. I got a "bagel" that I think delievered all my necessary fiber for the next six months.

4. A good bookstore. Where I scrapped I'm Losing You by Bruce Wagner, which is sort of unreadable, and picked up The Little Friend by Donna Tartt. I loved The Secret History and TLF was immediately great, as I'd hoped it would be.

5. A little work area. Little study carrels with phones and wireless Internet access.

6. Stores with stuff I kind of want. Like very adorable travel knick-knacks that I have never seen. And luggage I sort of wanted. Like "unpack your immense tweed Mary Poppins carry-on, throw it away, repack in this adorable polka-dot patent leather wheelie suitcase" luggage.

And I'm in my lovely hotel in Seattle. Which is already super-fun, as the concierge told me about a park running route right near here, and I have my choice of three pillow styles, and there are Antica Farmacista bathroom products and the windows actually open.

I'm off to find a camera cable. Tomorrow, four morning TV shows and the cocktail party at the W. If you're in Seattle, or know someone who is, send them. It should be a delight.

Tour, TourMelissa Kirsch