Detroit/Ann Arbor: The Land of One Million Bookstores

You can't spit without hitting a Barnes & Noble or Borders in the greater Detroit area. Well, I mean, you can't spit in public without being gross, so don't, and also don't spit in China, because they're trying to get people to stop that madness before the Olympics. Don't spit. But know that there are a lot of bookstores here in Michigan, and I think I've been to every single one of them with Jo, one of the sunniest escorts, not to mention people, I've ever met.

I will say that I was not expecting to go straight from the airport to signing books, but heck, I'm in Michigan for another less-than-24-hour situation, so why not. I had a deuce of a time waking up in Kansas City as I went to bed around 12 and then had a wakeup call that caused me to spill a glass of water all over the bedside table and the bed and the world when I went to answer it at 4:30. I slept dead-person-ly on the plane, wrapped in a pashmina, definitely drooling. I am proud to announce I am now back in the eastern time zone, which means not much except I'm on my way out of the woods, and my computer now shows the right time again, and I don't have to reset my watch anymore, and I lost another hour but heck it feels good to be back so I can set to work on my reprogramming my circadian rhythms.

Jo met me at baggage claim, which was very good as I had been sort of feeling untethered after my brief stay in Kansas, and we went to about 16 bookstores and I ferociously signed every book they could scrounge up. I didn't see downtown Detroit, but I think I saw every suburb. It's a little chilly and gray here today, and in a parking lot of one mall or another, I got the deep urge to call someone, anyone, from home, to tell them I was alive and in Michigan and tired. My phone rang at that very moment, and it was Cusi, whom I couldn't talk to for long because I had to go sign books, but I feel that may have the Law of Attraction or something at work. I picked up the phone and "Cus, I'm homesick!" came out of my mouth and I was a little surprised at how ardently I felt that.

Jo and I had lunch at a vegetarian restaurant in Ann Arbor that was delicious that I think I went to when I visited Kate here over a decade ago. It was the trip when Wicksy and I drove from Virginia and met Justin here and we discovered a condiment called "Francy's Fancy." The rest is a blur.

Let's face it. It's possible I'm decompensating slightly. I'm feeling generally grim and odd and I suspected this would happen this week, what with the constant travel and getting up in the dark and feeling disconnected from anything or anyone familiar. I'm hanging in there, but suddenly my mission to have fun seems really an arduous one, and I think it's not the hotel room that's tinged with despair but maybe it's me.

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