Ann Arbor/Cincinnati: What I Learned

Did I mention that I spoke at Borders in Ann Arbor? Due to my inability to remember what day it is or where I am, there is a good chance I forgot. I need to mention this because Borders is based in Ann Arbor, which is something to think about for one or two seconds and move on. I've seen the headquarters for a lot of companies. I know companies have to be based somewhere, but somehow I feel a sense of awe when seeing the Lexis Nexis HQ in Cincinnati, or the Bayer HQ in Pittsburgh.

At Borders in Ann Arbor, there were two men in the audience, one of whom was adorable but a heckler and asked me why I didn't consult men for the book, had I thought about how I had neglected to get the opinion of half the population. I think he may have been an undergrad at the University of Michigan. I've never been heckled before. The problem was I couldn't satisfy him with what I thought were very witty and concise answers. Such is the problem with hecklers.

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