85 Degrees with Acne

It's no secret that I've been questioning why on earth I live in New York lately, so I decided that I'm going to make a list every day of the good things, specifically the good things that happen because I live in New York. I will try to post them here when at all interesting. It's sort of a balance project. If I can't come up with a decent amoutn of postive things about living here, perhaps I should think about setting my sights elsewhere.

. I got home in the afternoon yesterday and was prepared to go out to dinner but I felt strangely exhausted, what do you know. I, grandma-like, fell asleep on the couch during 60 Minutes. Yes, that's on at 7pm.

This morning I met Julie for breakfast at my favorite restaurant, Balthazar. I love Balthazar deeply -- I mean, I know everyone does, but it's definitely going on my "good things I experienced in NYC" list today. I love it for breakfast, I love it late at night, I love going there with Julie. I don't know if she and I have discussed it, but I think we both believe deeply that it's impossible not to be in a sort of good mood at Balthazar. The space is enormous and it feels like there's always something about to happen and it's probably going to be something marvelous. We had lattes and breakfast and caught up on the past few weeks and I thought "I must have breakfast here every day." Oh, and it was coincidentally Balthazar's 10th anniversary, so there was free champagne for breakfast. Which seemed a little like fate. So two "Only in NYC" Things: Balthazar Breakfast & Julie.

It was super-sunny and we wandered around (Only in NYC: McNally Robinson Bookstore on Prince Street -- I know they have branches elsewhere, but I do deeply love this store) and I got a complimentary "hand treatment" at the new Lush store on Broadway, Julie got a manicure and we tried on makeup at Sephora and it was warm and I tried to forget about my coffee & Caesar salad book-tour acne, which is just really not doing me any favors. I did think at one point, "This is like a girl's day out" and felt equally corny and lucky.

Hey, here's something fun: Because a girl can't have too many blogs, I'm going to begin blogging about entertainment on the Huffington Post at the end of May. Once upon a time, long, long ago, I was the editor of a very cool entertainment website called "Girls On" and we wrote brilliant, funny, scathing, pee-your-chair pop cultural reviews and commentary in the pre-blog era. I've been missing it desperately and only wish I could begin today, because I have a lot to say about J. Lo. & Marc Anthony and it will be old news by May.