What Brings You to Me

Back by popular demand, for both your amusement and amazement, I hereby present the most bizarre Google searches that have somehow brought readers to this den of iniquity in the past month.

So somehow, the following terms, when typed into search engines, brought surfers to MelissaKirsch.com in the month of April. I'm sensing a theme, and it's dark, my friends. I ask you:

  • humane way to kill a hamster
  • cruel rubber nurses in black rubber aprons
  • women poopin
  • tiny miracles reborn baby dolls sites
  • shorthand pen pal clubs
  • eliminate miniature schnauzer odor
  • feminine loo
  • alan partridge asperger's
  • will sweet and low kill a mouse
  • what happens when a puppy eats d-con
  • my infant likes to drink yoo-hoo

Kittens? Stargazing? Pink ponies? Stickers? Anyone?

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