The Guy’s Guide to Absolutely Everything?

Not a day goes by that someone doesn't ask me, "You've written The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything, so now why don't you write one for guys?!" The answer to that question, my friends, provides a sad-but-evidently-true commentary on what guys want to know.

My answer is always two-fold. 1. Guys don't buy/read advice books in the same way women do. It's not that they're not curious, but both sales statistics and biology show that men don't ask for help, think they need help, or if they do, they don't tend to buy books containing info on stuff like self-esteem or how to dress for their figures. 2. The Guy's Guide to Absolutely Everything appears to already have been written The success of books like Maddox's The Alphabet of Manliness and Neil Strauss' The Game, both NYT bestsellers, would appear to indicate that guys will buy books if they teach them how to pick up girls and get laid. If that book happened to teach them how to get rich in the process, then it would definitely be a hit. That's it. It's not that men don't need -- or even desperately need -- advice on etiquette or how to ask for a raise or prepare for an interview or prepare dinner. It's that they don't think they need it.

I am totally willing to be contradicted about my Guy's Guide theory. In fact, I'm dying to be contradicted. I'm not saying there aren't sensitive men, or men who aren't interested in getting laid and making money. As far as a book for men, however, my informal research has shown that, in the self-improvement realm, little else sells.

PS I've read both Maddox & Neil Strauss' books. They're both worth a gander, and The Game is actually a fairly compelling read, should you be low on bathroom reading.