In Which I Am Finally Consulted by the Media on the Rosie/Elisabeth Debacle

Between you and me, can we please acknowledge that I was into The View before it was "cool" to be into The View? I've been writing about my deep love for the show since I started this disco train over a year ago, and I'd just like some credit as an early adopter, one who was in the stew during the thin broth of the Meredith/Star days. Thank god, then, that someone knows where to go for genuine, informed commentary on the Rosie/Elisabeth conflict -- in today's Philadelphia Daily News, I try mightily to defend Rosie against the pick-on-someone-your-own-sizers, but the reporter was having none of it.

"I think there is some truth to the idea that the bully is the most sensitive," said Melissa Kirsch, author of "The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything" (Workman Publishing, $15.95). "When it comes to our female friends, it's usually the ones who put up the steeliest fronts who are the most sensitive in the long run."

Read the whole article here.

Sigh. I tried. Not printed are all the things I said about how a good friend is on your side, defends you, whether at a cocktail party or on national television. And how, if you're particulary upset about something and need a friend to go to the mat for you, you have to communicate that. Please let it be known I also feel like a total idiot even talking about Rosie & Elisabeth as if there's something to be gleaned from their Fight of Spurious Provenance about our real-life friend conflicts.

Just in case:

Hey real & virtual friends,

If someone ever mistakes a comment I make about the administration as labelling the troops as terrorists, I'd appreciate it if you'd come to my defense on Larry King, because I don't think that and you know it. I'm communicating this to you now because I'm concerned that you might not know how strongly I do not want to be branded a traitor in the international media, and you might side with Joe Scarborough against me. Oh, and if you hear that people are talking about me on Larry King, or Scarborough Country, could you please text me? I have a feeling that would sell a lot of books, and that is also important to me. Also, please don't talk smack about me to In Touch. Thanks!

Love, Melissa.