Good News

I just got the little card in the mail: The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything is headed for a second printing.

I'm excited. This means that the first print run is nearly gone daddy gone your love is gone, and the teensy typos that have been irking me will be fixed, and there will be lovely newly printed copies of the book in stores near you very soon, and we're on our way, baby, we're on our way.

On the reprint postcard, it told me how many copies are being printed, and how many copies are in print total. I have shied away from any sales figures, so this wasn't something I was seeking out, but hey now I know. Wow. I'm excited. But I don't want any more information. My agent got my first royalty statement, and knowing that I don't want to know anything about sales, asked if I wanted her to send it to me, as is standard. I said I'd rather not know. Lo and behold, the royalty statement arrived in the mail on Saturday; it must have been sent accidentally. I'd like the world to recognize my restraint -- when I saw what it was, I didn't look at it and tore it into a billion pieces and threw it away.

I mean, who cares? Royalty checks, those I care about. But for right now, I've got a job to do. I'm promoting the book. I'm a salesperson. I have a product I think is fantastic and I want to make sure I convey that to get it in the hands of as many women as possible. The numbers will make me batty. No one likes a batty salesperson.

While I'm in sales mode, here's a shameless ploy to get you to buy more copies: If you're a first edition junkie like me, you can probably still get first printing copies for now, but they're in short supply, so buy early, buy often, for yourself or your darling daughters/granddaughters/best friends/parole officers/dog walkers, et. al. for soon they'll be collector's items. Like save-it-and-you-can-retire-off-its-eBay-value-in-50-years rare.

Okay, fine, maybe not, but a girl can hope. A salesman can drive a hard bargain.

For those who've been asking about my Huffington Post blogging, the answer is soon. I've been deadline-laden for a few weeks but I'm walking towards the light.