Things That Render Me Speechless: A List

1. Scooter Libby, commuted sentence, what the hell
2. Age of Love, that barfy bachelor show that pits "cougars" against "kittens"

3. The crap flying into my apartment through the air conditioner 4. The maternity tunic with no pants look that everyone seems to be wearing 5. People inside open-air restaurants looking haughtily, superiorly, out 6. Scooter Libby! Commuted sentence! What the hell?!? 7. "Scooter"

I cannot make this an even 10 because most things do not render me speechless. I'm fairly speechful. If any more speechful, I might be given to bursts of spontaneous oratory. Oration. Oratory? Oration? Orating.

I was just telling Leigh I talk too much. It's true, I probably say some useless things. But so much of what I have to say is really good. Like sometimes quotable good.

I'm just being bashful. It's all quotable.

I like when people quote me back to myself and I've forgotten I had said something clever once so I get to be impressed with myself.

Where is this going? Wherefore this sudden burst of hubris? It's late. In the morning I'll be self-effacing and racked with doubt again.

This has been an impromptu list followed by a totally unqualified burst of self-congratulatory blather, brought to you by Fatigue and Too Much Time Rendered Speechless So the Dams Were Bursting.