Explosive Ice Cream, Etiquette and a Brush with a Weirdly Cute Marsupial

fireworks ice cream

fireworks ice cream 2

Would you believe me if I told you it was some of the weirdest and best and also most hilarious ice cream I've ever had? Pop rocks in your ice cream! That is fun ice cream! Maybe not for every day, but once a year, come on: impossible not to be thrilled by.

I'm back in the hottest city ever after a long stay upstate, where I not only went to a rainy Fourth of July cookout in a log cabin in a town improbably named "Andes," I also wandered several sleepy towns along the Hudson Valley, had several iced coffees and smelled nature, which you notice when you get out of New York, you notice the smell of the trees. I slept. I decided to give up on The Best of Everything by Rona Jaffe and read American Sucker by David Denby instead. I saw an opossum (not a possum) up close. Very cute if you can get over the looooong rat tail.


Meanwhile, in the blogosphere.

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