Sunday Matinee: Gogol Bordello

In the world's beat-up road sign
I saw new
History of time!
New history of time!

"Wonderlust King." I've been nuts about this song, I make no secret of it. I love the video, I love the song, I love Eugene, I love it all. It's good for a rainy day (today). Or a sunny day (never, according to my Mac OS X Meteorologist program).

I'm bringing back the Sunday Matinee feature this week. I don't know why I stopped. Oh yes I do. I felt compelled to find video/images to present and they weren't necessarily good or worth your/my time. Our time. Our quality time together. We call it QT. Also, blogging on Sunday is sometimes difficult, because I'm too busy watching Kathy Griffin reruns. Or scheming to go for a long run just before it starts to thunder and I am thwarted and must stay inside and watch Kathy Griffin.

Heck, in the interest of reviving yet another recently-slumbering Chickarina feature, let's take a poll.

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