Free Valuable Stuff That Might Allow You to Retire By 40 (If Not Before)

The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything is ChickSpeak's "Must Read" for August. There's a very lovely interview with me there as well. Because you don't know enough about me. Well, you don't know what I'd do with a magic wand if I had one -- which I am not saying I don't --but you don't know that, and you can find out in this most delightful of interviews. If I do say so myself. And I do.

They're going to be giving away two signed copies of the book later this month, so check back if you still haven't bought it. (PS What are you waiting for? )

In case you want to go hang out with the book, my sister tells me that the book is large and in charge on the table next to the register at Barnes & Noble. Go visit it. Heck, let's have our own giveaway.

A signed hardcover (rare! collector's item!) to anyone who sends in a photo of him/herself with the book at their local bookstore.

Fun! Who doesn't love free stuff? Free, possibly priceless stuff? Offer good while supplies last.