What Is Happening In the Night

Sleepless_1 If I go to sleep before 11pm, no matter how exhausted I am, I will wake up in the middle of the night. My circadian rhythms are so solid that any sleep before 11 and my body thinks it's a nap. I must not get into bed at 9:30pm with one of my million books as I did tonight and expect to be awake for more than thirty minutes. I could not keep my eyes open at 10 but boy have I been wide awake since 1:15 (it's now 3:48am).

Here's what's happening:
I'm awake, awake, awake and sing!-awake.

I am starting to feel the aches and soreness of having pumped iron today. I rather like that soreness and am enjoying the fact that I am experiencing its onset instead of waking up tomorrow all creaky and stiff and possibly unable to move my neck.

I am drinking ginger ale and it's really delightful.

Especially when one got a hankering for salami for dinner and so picked some up at Trader Joe's and now needs something to settle one's stomach. Every time I go to the fridge for more 'ale, I smell the salami in there and rather than being grossed out as I am normally by any smell coming from the fridge, I am reminded that I do love salami very much and despite my stomachache, it is still delicious (if totally gross and marbled and dehydrating and politically depraved).

I did Tuesday's crossword already and feel at once ahead of the game and a little triste, as I now have no puzzle to do with my coffee. But since I will be rushing around manically in the morning, certain to oversleep since I"m taking a sleep-break in the middle of the night, perhaps this is for the best as there will be no time for dilly-dallying in the morning. I hope there is time for coffee, though. I am excited about Trader Joe's('s) Bay Blend. I know this is the house brand that everyone drinks but I have been trying some crazy varieties there, like VOLCANO, which was so strong I was spending every day on the verge of a coronary.

That's the news from Awakeland. Now to thrash fitfully in clean sheets. (BREAKING: Laundry done this past weekend.)