Inside the Monstrosity

Gross. HotelChatter has an interview with supposedly deposed hotelier Gregory Peck (who, sadly is not Gregory Peck-esque in any fashion, which might make it all bearable), he of Peck-Moss, titans of the Cooper Square Youth Hostel.

Peck told us that there will be a partnership with the Table 8 group to open a restaurant on the hotel's ground floor. Peck actually stressed the word "partnership" and "not just signing a lease with someone." The restaurant will have an outdoor terrace and of course, a bar. A second bar will be in the hotel lobby and a third bar will be in the...wait for it...performance venue in the hotel basement.

Peck said the space will be about 2,000-square-feet and will feature an adult cabaret and live music. When we asked if it would be similar to hipster LES joint The Box, he replied,

"Well, it will be more like The Box than CBGB."

"Of course, a bar!" While I love a bar, and ironically I deeply love a hotel bar, it just seems untenable. Not because of the noise necessarily. I mean, of course the noise, but what about the peering patrons? Remember Miracle Grill, how you'd be sitting in the garden outside, horribly drunk after one sip of margarita, and you'd look up and there were like twenty crooked tenements with their windows shut tight and bent Venetian blinds pulled closed and you'd think "Oh my god who actually lives there?"? It's your pity I can't stomach. I'm going to be the rent slave behind that window! Although I would deserve it if I owned dusty bent Venetian blinds. I'm eyeing the Tord Boontje Until Dawn curtain. Which I thought I hated (a paper cut-out curtain?) but suddenly decided I love. But it's really not a serious enough curtain for someone who is about to overlook a bar terrace. Or who currently overlooks a swarm of construction workers.

A guy from New York interviewed me the other day about being a "pissed off neighbor" of the Hotel. Hostel. I mean youth hostel. I mean it's so ugly! There are thick plastic windows on it now, some of which are fake wood. I'll try to get a picture. Fake wood plastic?

I never meant to be the cranky neighbor! I commiserated with my favorite uncranky neighbor, Hettie Jones, about the Hostel the other day. Her building is coated in crap on the inside. She has it worse, this I know. The noise and the men plus somehow they are in her building too.

Is it my love of hotels and hotel bars that has brought this upon me? I know I'd secretly love the idea of a fancy new hotel in my neighborhood if not for its proximity to my eyelash. Is it karmic retribution for adoring a restaurant with an outdoor garden? It's not as awful when the A/C is on but come on it's 72 degrees and my carbon footprint is going to be Yeti-sized if I keep the Frigidaire running into what you people call fall and I call the dog days of summer because, as I've established, I am not acknowledging this whole season thing right now.

Oh PS. I peered into the soon-to-be-Sasha Petraske cafe? bar? down the block and there's definitely some construction going on in there. So maybe I can hang out there all night while the rest of the world is lining up to get into The Box: Fifth Street Franchise?

PPS I don't have the latest Milk & Honey number. I was kind of weirded out by the contest Grub Street held in which people who wanted the number had to plead their worthiness and one lucky sap was awarded the digits. I think I was weirded out because I secretly like having the M&H number on hand for special occasions or maybe it just makes me feel safe, like having a cyanide tablet on hand in case things get rough, and of course would not be driven to beg for it. Because those ice cubes are amazing but they leave little room for anything else (e.g. drink) in the glass. However, I'd like you to email the number to me. Okay. Thanks.

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