Overkilling the Hyperbole

I am having a hate affair with the New York Times' Alessandra Stanley. I am reluctant to join the ranks of people infuriated by a television critic, but I can't stay quiet any longer.

On my Tumblr blog, I check in on her review of Private Practice, the Grey's Anatomy spin-off that premieres tonight and I am pretty sure will be eh and find her, for the second week in a row, heavy-handedly going for a hyperbolic laugh and instead ending up with a rather insulting, overdone comparison.

I would like to go on record as not having anything personally against AS, but I do want it to be known that I find Virginia Heffernan to be a far more compelling critic, not to mention funny, spot-on with her references, and really engaged with the medium. All of which AS is not. I'll read a VH review even if it's of something I wouldn't consider watching. I'll read her sorta-boring Screens blog because she's a good and insightful writer. (I feel the same way about Manohla Dargis in the movie section, as I've mentioned before).

Anyway, hie thee to Tumblr where I'm working myself up into a lather over syntactical nonsense.

PS: I should say that I am sympathetic to AS, as I too have been known to Overkill the Hyperbole from time to time. In fact, I recall some disappointing momments when writing the Girl's Guide when I'd get pages back from my editor with "OTT" scrawled in the margin. This, I hasten to add, was always better than when a passage was marked "MEGO" -- a far less frequent occurrence.

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