Welcome, Dubliners

I taped an interview with the lovely Dave and Debbie of the Q102 Breakfast Show in Dublin the other day, and from the location of my visitors indicated by my super-secret site files, it must have aired. So top o' the mornin', my Irish friends. Call me psychic (please!), but something tells me you're wondering which six fashion items every woman must own.

Okay, to be honest, I was surprised to be asked that question, because it's not actually technically in my book but part of an interview I did with the New York Post which you can read in its entirety here.

But let's revise for the weather and fashion particularities of Eire, shall we?

Six Things Every Dubliner Must Own A Throughly Subjective List by Melissa Kirsch, author of The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything

1. A good coat. I stand by this one. it doesn't have to be black (as most New Yorkers' coats are) but it does have to be waterproof. You can certainly get yourself a swell, warm raincoat in Dublin and if you don't have one, I'm not sure how you're faring, but I'm pretty sure it's not well.

2. Boots. A good pair of warm boots that you can dress up with a skirt, wear with jeans, slosh through puddles, etc. Let's make them knee-high. Let's stop obsessing about the dampness of the UK and move on.

3. A good bra. This is universal. Debbie mentioned in the interview it can make you look thinner. Yes, this is true, but it will also make you feel much better about yourself. Go to the old-lady girdle shop and get yourself measured. Let Marge the Bra Lady go to second base with you and come out a new woman. You're looking for support, no spillover, and don't be concerned about what the size is. Chances are you're wearing the wrong size, and usually but not always this can be remedied by a bigger band size and smaller cup size but that's not always true. Measure. Go. Now.

4. Your version of the Little Black Dress. Perhaps it isa little black dress. Maybe it's a slightly less-than-little but still flattering and not at all camping tent-like brown dress. Or a good-fitting pair of jeans that you can dress up or down. I'm into clothes that do Day-to-Night Barbie duty.

5. A sturdy, fashionable bag. Designer bags aren't all they're knocked up (or knocked off) to be. A bag you love by an unknown designer is going to last you much longer than a Chanel reproduction or a super-expensivo Marc Jacobs tote that anyone who cares will be able to pinpoint to a particular season. I like sites like Etsy for cool, original, well-made accessories.

6. Sunscreen. I know you think because it's slightly grey a lot that you aren't getting sun damage. The sun is still shining and emitting its turn-your-skin-the-consistency-of-an-old-Gucci-bag rays even when it's cloudy.

I offer you these tips not because I think you are desperate to know them (although you might be) but because people like tips and at 6am EST it was very difficult to remember all the things I'd told the Post months ago or to speak in bullet points at all. Who speaks in bullet points naturally? Not me.

PS The book is available from Amazon.co.uk right this very second. Tarry not, my bonny lasses (and lads).