Elsewhere Today: Huffington Post

I miss writing about pop culture. Once upon a time it was all I did all day long and it was grand. Today I go back to my roots on the Huffington Post.

While writing this post, "When the Soundtrack Is Better Than the Movie," I had this sensation that I hadn't had since writing for Girls On. Like writing editorial about entertainment could be fun and funny and in some small way important. Because it was diverting and it made you laugh and agree and disagree and it was a respite and it didn't make you feel that dirty for that long for not focusing your energies on far worthier causes. Like monks being killed in Burma. Which makes writing about movie soundtracks seem...a tad insignificant.

The Girls On writers were phenomenal. I wasn't even a founder of the site--I arrived after the original Girls had departed and we had just been bought by Oxygen and the whole thing was a late-Internet era dream project and in the blink of an eye it was over. But we did some amazing stuff. I remember the Judy Blume Retrospective, where all the writers chose their favorite Judy Blume books and wrote about reading them as teens and then again in their 20s. I remember the first piece I wrote when I started my job, a review of that TV trainwreck Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?, and how it was 1000 words too long and totally OTT but it was funny so we ran it anyway (maybe minus 500 words). That was the thing. If it made us laugh, it ran.

Now there are zillions of entertainment sites and every mainstream newspaper has its media critics online and we're not the blazing funny-lady pioneers we once were. But it was actually a Girls On writer who hooked me up with the HuffPost to begin with, specifically to write about entertainment, which I plan to do far more frequently if I can manage to figure out how the posting system works and I can manage to get my mitts on some preview screeners of Gossip Girl. Or at least watch it when it airs.