What Has Been Going On

Things got a little bananas. That's all. There were a lot of birthdays, there is a lot of work to do, there are a lot of people around and it's been consuming. Sometimes I have to prioritize.

It's always the paying work that emerges as first priority. I'd be a damn fool to let blogging detract from the time I spend researching and writing about obscure topics to earn my keep. Then there's people. As in people should come before non-person things. Like blogging about whatever. Some truly magical person-related stuff, and then there's just me, a person who needs about 48 hours of solitude without interruption a week.

I've heard that blog posts about why you haven't been blogging are annoying.

My computer is also losing its mind. It's really giving me the creeps.

How boring can I make it? I'm eating spelt bread. It's surprisingly good. I cut my hair. I've been having intriguing neighborhood collisions. I got a new bike basket. My bike was vandalized. My phone has no dial tone and I'm using it as an excuse to threaten Verizon. Because I, like you, enjoy the delusion that threatening to change phone companies scares international conglomerates. That I am in some way capable of instilling fear.

People who actually believe that they can instill fear and/or do on any regular basis. I don't want anything to do with you.