The Jean Machine Takes Over the Airwaves

jean villepique

Remember my funny & smart friend Jean Villepique? The one who was just a stitch on The Office last year? Well just in case you forgot, this is your week to gorge on Jean-ness because she's going to be "appearing" on two of the best shows on TV in one week! I know! That's what happens when you move to LA!

So TiVo the bejesus out of this good time, friends: She's on 30 Rock tonight at 8:30pm on NBC, then she's on Curb Your Enthusiasm this Sunday at 10pm.

In the meantime, it's cold and rainy and I need new tights. Tights for tall people. Yesterday I walked around all day with kindergarten crotch. While yanking my tights up in a corner in Barnes & Noble I told the woman standing next to me I was sorry to be so awkward but I had kindergarten crotch and she was Fantasia from American Idol. Screw you, fancy Dim brand tights from France you're going in the shitter and I'm going to try to find something Wolford-esque at a fraction of the price because yeah they're good tights but they still rip just like every other pair.