New Year’s Resolution #4

I've given in to Amazon's pleas and signed up for my free one-month trial of Amazon Prime, which will give me free 2-day shipping for one month. Hey, Amazon: You scratch my back, I 'll scratch yours.

As a gesture of good faith, since I did take you up on your offer, you take me up on mine: You sell 1,000 copies of my book each day in February and I will consider paying the $79/month to continue this 2-day shipping racket you're running. Sound fair? Okay, fine, 500 copies. That's nothing. You could sell those in your sleep, Amazon.

In the meantime, I plan to buy everything I would normally buy in a store online for the next month. I'm looking for suggestions. I've already decided to order face cleanser, and maybe a microwave. (As much as I try to convince myself I enjoy defrosting stuff on the stove, let's face it, I hate it.)

How else can I maximize this one precious month of free shipping? What bargains are there to be had for which I would otherwise be overpaying in some brick-and-mortar store in New York where everything is approximately one million times more expensive to begin with? How do I make sure I don't go off the rails and start profligately buying luxury items or cases of Hamburger Helper just because the shipping is free?