In The Middle of the Night It Occurs to Me I Am Not Asleep

Let me just be frank with you. I am a late-in-life addict of Gilmore Girls. There's not even anything quietly subversive about that show that would make this a fake confession. I did whisper that I had been watching it to my lunch date the other day and was informed that that was not something I had to hide and everyone watches it. I don't think anyone should admit to liking this show so freely. It's got this "Hey I'm kind of edgy what with my whippersnapper banter and teenage mom gone mild" affect, but then it turns out that the show is about white people (and one token Korean friend) in a fake Connecticut village (and I know from Connecticut villages) who are so obsessed with coffee! And they have a lot of town pageants! And people dress up like soldiers and got to DAR meetings and when the weird daughter misses her mom's community college graduation she apologizes so profusely that you would think she knifed someone. But I digress.

I spent Saturday afternoon to last night completely indoors working. (I know that's horrible. It was indeed horrible. What can I say? What can I say besides: flow. Just kidding. I've been to Stars Hollow more times than I've been in a flow state.) It was important. I had to get about ten things done and it was the culmination of a week of worrying about deadlines and avoiding them and even having Leigh come over to sit with me while I worked which helped a little but not enough. I missed Amichai's Oscar party. I missed the two days of sunlight. I was inside typing and so I decided it would be a good idea to watch Across the Universe, that Julie Taymor Beatles movie, which it was not. Then I decided I could not go wrong with some GG. I dozed off immediately. I am sure the plot had something to do with the town green and a fair or a pageant or a snowman-making contest.

I didn't sleep well. You know when you think you're sleeping and then you realize you are not asleep and you are kind of using all your energy to try to be asleep and you toss and turn in the dark and realize you are so very awake? That is what happened. And of course it was then impossible to wake up this morning. Even though the hoist thing on the construction site has developed a totally superfluous creaky wheel so it makes extra, non-essential noise now on top of its groaning and rumbling and the saw noise that you feel in your brain, you hear it but it also hits your brain metalically.

All work and no play makes me a dull boy. Seriously. I'm a boy now. No one warned me.

So I've had time to discover that I don't hate celery anymore! I cannot brook one chunk of it in my tuna salad, but I'm cool with it by itself raw or cooked in a melange of steamed vegetables. I used to not be able to eat anything that had been in the same room with celery. Now I can tolerate it. All work and no play makes me ridiculous.

Did I mention my skin is still shit? Also that I am strangely fascinated by Diablo Cody? Even though I know I'm supposed to hate her and be jealous of her and feel somehow like she's treading on my turf because she's a wiseass and is working this rockabilly thing (that I am so decidedly not working, but girls tend to hate on other girls, and girl writers--forget it.). Anyway, I don't hate her. I liked Juno. As I said, I'd walk a mile in the snow in uninsulated boots to see Michael Cera sneeze. And I think her blog is kind of amazing and certainly entertaining. I don't suppose it really makes one whit of difference what I think of a famous screenwriter. But I'd just like to say that I am not interested in taking part in the Diablo Cody Backlash. Not that anyone's tapped me to join in any convincing way.

Oh and make no mistake: I am jealous of her. Where did "make no mistake" come from? I think it was George Bush. Presidential candidates say that. They also refer to all people as "folks" and Ben says it's a Bush cowboy thing and Catherine says it's an effort to be folksy but I say what the hell, what's wrong with people? What is wrong with you people? That packs a much harder punch than "What is wrong with you folks?" I see. If I say "folks" you think I like you. It's gentler. What I hate is when they say "There's folks." As in "there's folks in Ohio who don't have a pot to piss in." Yeah, they say "pot to piss in" too. Presidential candidates.

It may interest you to know that I am multitasking, i.e. waiting for the Chelsea Clinton Nightline interview to happen which means I have the TV on and I have twice seen this repulsive NYC Health commercial about smoking that shows disgusting rotten teeth among other disgusting things. Probably a black lung in a jar. They always show that. I cannot see anything gross involving teeth. I can see a lot of gross stuff like people eating grubs but I cannot see teeth getting ripped out. Like how they keep showing Joanie getting her teeth ripped out on America's Next Top Model? Or the moment at which I stopped watching that horrid Ashley Judd movie Bug when the paranoid boyfriend starts pulling his teeth out with pliers. Ugh. I'm sick. I will watch someone vomit his/her guts out but I will not watch you pull your teeth out. Please. Stop making me watch you pull your teeth out. I beg you, folks.

If you were to assume I have been shut inside my apartment for the entire season watching bad TV and bad movies, you would be mistaken. I go out a lot and I hate every second of it. Because it's cold and rainy and I take this personally, folks. Oh! If I address you as folks, I'm breaking some bad news. If I refer to others in the third person as folks "There's folks in Afghanistan..." or "Folks just want someone to be a a uniter, not a divider," I seem gentle.

It now seems that the Chelsea Clinton interview is on and I have never heard Chelsea Clinton speak before. Have you? Chelsea's in Lubbock, Texas. She's got a folksy way about her! She just said "Forgive my voice, I've been workin' hard." Droppin' your Gs is very folksy. Chelsea's boyfriend is very good looking. Gossip columnist Lloyd Grove is awful. I think Chelsea's long layers must take a lot of blowing out and flat-ironing. And then sometimes a curling iron.

Okay. I am not going to live-blog Nightline. That would be terribly depressing. I'd like to announce that things are happening. The work has not been for naught and I'm making progress. Someday I'll emerge, like a Chelsea Clinton from an Applebee's in Lubbock.

PS I am actually going to Texas!!! This weekend! A light (literally) on the horizon!

PPS I made a dermatologist appointment. Of course she can't see me until the end of March. At which point I will probably have magically flawless skin.

PPPS That Chelsea Clinton interview was lame. And not an interview.