Total Thai Overwhelmsion

What on earth is going on with Second Avenue? I usually reserve my neighborhood codger persona for whinging about how crazy loud and invasive the Cooper Square Hotel Hostel is. But the situation with Thai restaurants on Second has just gotten bananas and I can't sit in silence any longer.

Okay, forgive this totally-specific-to-my-neighborhood post in advance but I need to discuss something.

For a million years, Thailand Cafe has flourished -- or rather existed -- on Second between 5th and 6th Streets. It got a weird clubland makeover last year and a sans-serif logo that was a lot better than its green dragon-lady signs of yore, but still Thai.

East Village Thai, which you'd think from it's creepy awning would suck but is actually terrific (I usually default to the Gang Massaman) is at Second Avenue and 7th Street.

Sea Thai is decent but kind of insane if you eat in there on the weekend, on Second between 4th and 5th Streets.

Holy Basil, while not next door, bears mentioning as it is yet another Thai restaurant, and has been rattling around forever at spitting distance: Second between 9th & 10th Streets.

So that's a lot of Thai in a few block radius.

But now another Thai place, the very lamentably named Kurve, replete with weird Spirograph rainbow sign, is opening at Second Avenue and 5th Street. I will never get over that name. I will never get over the Cooper Square Diner that was there when I moved in and was lit solely by pink neon lights.

Then today I noticed ANOTHER THAI PLACE is opening in the old Bamboo House Chinese restaurant (where I saw a rat once) at Second Ave. and 6th Street. This time it's Spice, which is kind of good, and the nearest branch is MILLIONS OF MILES AWAY on University Place and 10th Street. But wait. Aren't Spice and Sea owned by the same people? Yes they are!

What is going on? I'm sure I even missed some Thai restaurants in this teensy radius. If I knew how to make a customized Google map, I'd do that. I like Thai food. I like to have Thai food options. But I have a bad feeling that someone's not going to survive this situation. I fear it may be poor, Queer-Eyed Thailand Cafe. It's right in the eye of the storm and it's been having a weird identity crisis for a while.

This whole post is ridiculous and very "Area Woman Wonders Why There Are So Many Thai Restaurants In Neighborhood" but what are blogs for if not observational blather? I know. Selling awesome things.

NYC, NYCMelissa Kirsch