Don't Call It a Comeback

Yes, I know. Where have I been? 1. France

2. Greece

3. Thinking

Not doing much of 3 in 1 & 2 but today, jogging because it's not cold, for four blessed days at least not cold, it is over 70 and the horrid grayness abated, while jogging I did think okay, Melissa, come on, you can post something short on the blog each day. We will get more involved as the weeks go on, because there's a lot to talk about, but oh right:

4. Writing

That's important, 4. 3 led to 4, as it does if you're lucky. If I'm lucky.

Don't call me "your friend," I am not your friend. Don't call me folks. Don't tell me that calling Sarah Palin stupid is sexist. Speaking of which, who can explain the new Genius function on iTunes to me? It does seem vaguely genius, but I've only created one Genius playlist. It's probably the most depressing playlist on earth as I told it to start with a Colin Hay song and it dug up 25 Songs to Sob To.

5. Sobbing

Which inhibits 4, of course, but 4 is a good stay against 5. Not that much of 5, but, you know, tomorrow's another day.

I think this is a good start. To being back. And to say to the readership, the wild & raging readership of Girl's Guide and beyond, that I'm fast at work. Watch this space.