On Judging Girl's Guide By Its Cover

I stumbled across a cache of reviews of The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything on the Goodreads website. I'm not terribly familiar with Goodreads as Facebook is about all the social networking I can tolerate (and I rarely log on to Facebook because once I get in I never get out and I kind of feel filthy and time-warpish and violated afterwards a lot of the time). Anyway, there's something enlightening about reading reviews in a context where people post photos of themselves and seem much less rehearsed and more conversational than they do on Amazon. There's something rather "I'm writing a review for public consumption" about posting on Amazon, whereas on Goodreads or I'm assuming Shelfari (which I have yet to scour) you're writing for your friends. Here's the exchange that I found fascinating on Goodreads:

(For the record, there is no section on snapping gum in the book. I don't even know how to snap gum. I was recently having a nostalgic conversation about Chewels, however, and its competitor Freshen Up gum. I noticed Trident is getting into the gums-with-fillings situation, and not a moment too soon. My favorite French gum is Hollywood Sweet Gum, with a crispy vanilla candy coating and mint surprise inside. I am sad that I have run out of my meager supply. I like anything with a secret filling. Which is why I am not ashamed to tell you I am always going to select the powdered donut that may be filled with jelly or maybe cream. Donuts. I only like them when they're in a big box of many flavors and I get to choose. One solitary donut is not that fun.)

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