Keep the Mitchum Men Far Away From Me

Mitchum I have one question for you: just who the hell does MITCHUM think it's targeting with their newest ad campaign? What would make a product--an ANTI-PERSPIRANT for that matter--decide that they wanted to be the underarm deodorizer of choice for the world's idiot misogynist jackasses? Who greenlit this crap?

The original Mitchum subway campaign was deplorable, but, it wasn't as kegstandingly repulsive as the current one. Was being a turnstile-jumping rapscallion not MANLY enough? Before, in order to be a Mitchum Man, you had to be willing to punch out a subway window in an emergency. Now, the words "menage a trois" have to be the only French you know in order to make you one. Wow, I liked that Mitchum Man before, but now that he's really pushing the boundaries of despicability, I like him even better!

The new campaign is evidently to introduce the public to "Sensitive" Mitchum--used, natch, by "Sensitive" Mitchum Man. So we've got two ads next to each other. They say something akin to this:

  • If you'd give up your seat for a pregnant woman on the subway, you're a Mitchum Man!
  • If you're very careful who you assume is pregnant, you're a "SENSITIVE" Mitchum Man!
    (accompanying blurry photo is of a woman, not visibly pregnant, clutching her midsection, wearing short shorts)

  • If you've ever considered installing one of these (subway) poles in your house, you're a Mitchum Man!
  • If you'd ask your better half for her opinion first, you're a "SENSITIVE" Mitchum Man!

And who, who, who is going to actually walk into a drugstore and BUY a stick of Mitchum? I mean, at least there's some logic behind Maxim and other soft-porn mags. But blatantly broadcasting that you espouse the meathead ethos of the Mitchum Man? Or even worse, the "Sensitive" Mitchum Man? Who are you people? Stand up and be counted!

Plus, Mitchum??? I mean MITCHUM? "I'm thinking of trying a new deodorant. I'm thinking...Mitchum?" I don't think so.

NYC, NYCMelissa Kirsch