My Favorite Way to Rule the World

Electionmap Did you sleep last night? I didn't, because I was too busy playing with the New York Times Choose-Your-Own-Nightmare Interactive Election Map! I adore these maps. They make me feel like the times they may be a-changin'. Of course, after manipulating the map six ways to Sunday, I realize they are probably not.

I was, however, totally engrossed by Hendrik Hertzberg's piece in The New Yorker last week about what the hell is going on with Joe Lieberman. Born and bred in Connecticut, Lieberman has been my hometown homie for most of my life. But this indictment, especially the line "Lieberman single-handedly guaranteed that the new Senate would be Republican" made my blood run cold. Read it, I swear you'll have an Oprah-style a-ha moment.