It's Your Money, Honey! An eBook for 3 measly bucks!

It's Your Money, Honey!

Just in time for graduation, a rollicking, mostly painless guide to personal finance. It's an eBook, it's $2.99 (or less) and it will, I guarantee you, convince whoever reads it to start a retirement account. Or cease considering misguided get-rich-quick schemes like hocking her vital organs for wise and easy solutions.

Ladies, this is my best impression of Suze Orman, as I am not a billionaire and I do not have a crazy person's inflections but I do have a 401(k) and I know how to use it (i.e. you don't, not for a long time). Parents, this is your opportunity to trim the apron strings. Current Girl's Guide owners, the info in here is all updated for the present day (or, wherever the economy and student loan rates were a couple months ago) so it might interest you if you've been following the advice in the book and want some fresh intel.

You can get this It's Your Money, Honey! in just about any format:

xo Melissa